Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BB11: Episode 11 - Nominations

Yum-Yum1 wins HOH and Signor Weasel & Ms. Boop are up!

Did we watch the sheer GLEE come outta some of the HG's as they were told the cliques were no more?!?!??!? Or the collective GASP when they heard that America was voting to give a secret power?!?!?!

So round and round we went as we watched these fukktards (ok, some of 'em not so much, ok) go spinnin' off this contraption vying for HOH. It got down to Yum-Yum 1 and Yum-Yum 2 (respectively Russel & Jeff)

They both gave that little deal nod with the whole "we both want Ronnie out, so drop, no you drop, no YOU drop, no muthafucka I said YOU DROP", until alas, with Yum-Yum 1 promising on his dad that Jeff & Jordan would not go on the block if Jeff dropped. Jeff hit the floor, and we are crowned with our new HOH!

Now, watching both Signor Weasel (Ronnie, keep up with my nicknames by now folks, think this will be my last blog I spell it out!) & La Closet Lesbiana (Nat) get NADA in their graduation gift boxes was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! Oh that was so much fun watching her in particular throw her box down in disgust when she saw it was empty (in her defense, alligned with my lesbian suspicions, I don't think Nat is used to looking into empty boxes.....)

Now little Jordie picked the box where she got to choose who was the Have Nots. TV only viewers only got to see her pull 3 names, tada, nothing more to it right??? WRONG! You all need to know she took The Brains out of the hat right away cause she didn't deem it fair they be Have Nots 2 weeks in a row. THEN, she LEFT Jeff's name in there and originally pulled Kevin, Nat & Jeff. It was the OTHER HG's who told her to keep Jeff's name out of the hat and to pull again people! So she was not playing favorites by any means, she had her yum yum in there!!!!

Jessie disappointed the hell outta me with the way he behaved at being chosen for Have Nots, come on kiddo, really?!?!?!? As much as I dislike Lydia, her "if you're gonna be a baby about it" was rightly deserved with the way you behaved like a child...........not cool, keep it together Jessie, we LIKE you this season. Ok, well I like you this season! LOL

Ok, now insert vomit inducing scene from Signor Weasel.............who else tasted their dinner come back up when he looked straight at a camera in the Spa Room and said "Please America, give me the power, I will use it for good, THIS good" pointing to him, Jessie & Nat! Oh, Christ, here comes another crabcake........

What REALLY burns my ass is WHO Jessie is alligned with right now, those 2 twats! Come on Jessie, is there no one else, really?!?!? Nobody likes your little I-need-2-pretend-I-like-men little dude Natalie, and we sure as HELL can't stomach Ronnie, so this is soooooo not helping the cause for you..........

So Ms. Boop (Lydia) gets to work because that's her shtick, she cozies up to whomever is in power that given week.......................she throws everybody under that bus so quickly you didn't even see the wheels spinnin'..............step right up, line 'em up.................

Now, interesting to note YumYum1 went and TOLD Jessie, Nat & Chima everything Lydia said, which of course was followed by an immediate "that bitch said WHAT?!??" reaction from that crew............hmmmm, still not sure why he made that move......especially if his intent is Ronnie goes home............

Anyway, we get to nominations and (see if you can hear the angel's choir of Hallelujahs comin' outta me) Signore Weasel & Ms. Boop are on the damn block! BOOYAH!!!!

WIll it stay that way?? WIll that little fukk weasel his way into staying??? Hell, if he does, they DESERVE to hear his fukkin voice in the jury house over the next month, damn fools............

Peace out Heffas

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